Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Hello Everyone!

What a week! Scott and I have had a hard time wrapping our brain around how much support and compassion we have received from people all around the world!!! Noah was the 17th most googled topic on Thursday and 12th on Friday!! Unbelievable!!!!!!!

Thank you to everyone for the support! Thank you to everyone that listened to my requests for peace. Thank you to Mindy for setting up security for my front door today!! Thank you to the South Lyon Police, Fire, and Post Office for the help and support over the past week. Today was the first day that I could relax. We had a person sitting out front guarding the door. My family and I didn't have to worry about whether the person walking up was going to knock or ring the doorbell. Yes, I do have a sign on the door.

I just wanted to note something interesting. Last Saturday, I posted a little note on this carepage -- it said that we were celebrating Christmas this week. If you would like to send Noah a card, send me an email and I will give you my address!! Our friends and family have repeatedly asked us for something to do to help. Asking for a Christmas card was something simple that many people could do. They posted it on Facebook and BAMMMMM!!!!!!! Next thing I know, we are receiving thousands of cards and packages. Tuesday -- 64, Wednesday -- 416, Thursday -- 2,600, Friday -- 5,100 and Saturday -- ??????? At least 10,000. Yes, you read that right -- at least 10,000.

We are opening and reading each and every card. This is taking some time. It is just humbling, shocking, incredible, astounding... the outpouring of love for one sick little boy.

Friday night, Noah loved meeting Santa. He wasn't so sure about the fire truck or Santa coming on the fire truck. We waved from the balcony. Noah feels safe in my bedroom. That's where he spends most of his time. He wouldn't come out of the bedroom so Santa went in. He sat on the floor and opened presents with Noah, Scott, and I. Then I went out to make sure everyone was doing well and Santa sat right next to Noah. Noah wrapped his arms around Santa's neck and wouldn't let go.

The smile on his face was worth it. He smiled from ear to ear.

Saturday, Noah loved opening presents and let me tell you -- there isn't a shortage of them!! We had a crew at the house and he would pick which person he wanted to play with and that person went into the bedroom and played. When he had enough, he would sleep. We decided to have Santa come on Friday for two reasons. 1.) Santa needed to have time to get back to the North Pole. 2.) Noah needed a day of rest between the big events.

Today was a very merry Christmas! Noah, my mom, and I woke to a Christmas tree in our front yard, fully decorated with wrapped presents underneath. Noah thought that was the coolest thing. Again -- the smile said it all. He spent most of the day in my bedroom. No shocker there! He was stingy with his happy face today. He slept quite a bit and he seems to be hurting again.

Noah is having pain in the left elbow and upper body. This is all new pain. However, he's stubborn as a mule and won't let me give him any IV pain meds. We keep increasing his Methadone which we did on Friday. That hasn't seemed to help much. You can see the difference in him. You can see him slowing down. You can see him in pain and just plain getting tired. He's just at that point.

No matter how hard this is or how painful it is, Scott, my family, and I can say one thing -- Noah had Christmas today. And for that, I am grateful.

Merry Christmas Everyone! The world helped make it special for Noah, my family, Scott, and myself. I can guarantee one thing -- This week was a week that none of us will ever forget.


Posted Nov 9, 2009 6:50pm

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  1. Merry Christmas Noah! You are a special boy with a very special Mommy and Daddy. Our love and prayers are with you all. You have touched all of our hearts. You are an angel.

  2. Dear Diana and Scott,

    Today, I read about your story and how much love and support you are receiving from thousands of people all of the world. The evidence of this outpouring of brotherly love toward your son, is a wonderful testimony that even though we are dwelling in the midst of economic turmoil, wars, hate crimes, natural disasters and other atrocities ocurring at this time, we are also seeing the seed of God's perfect love being quickened and sprouting in the hearts of men, women and children from

    I want to share a message with you I received from our Father God and His risen Son, Jesus the Christ. The tests and trials you are going through right now are helping to heal and strengthen the faith of many people. Your total trust and obedience to God's voice and His divine will for you and your son is imperative. He is speaking through the mouth of your son, Noah. Listen to him. God is trying to tell you to trust in His healing power, and only His power. Noah's refusal of any pain meds is not because he is being stubborn... The Holy Spirit is speaking to your son. When Jesus was being crucified on the cross, he refused the "gall" which had been added to the vinegar that was customarily given to those being crucified, to deaden the pain. This gall was a poision from the poppy family, called wormwood. You can read about this account in Matthew 27:33-34.

    I don't know who prescribed your son to be given Methadone, but it is NOT to be given to children. You are poisioning your son. I was shocked to read that you are giving him this long-acting opiate. God desires to heal your son. You are killing him with drugs... Here is the link you can read about accidental ingestion of Methadone in children. If your son has any chance of recovering by a divine miracle, you must withdraw your son off Methadone by a physician who specializes in this. See article from link.

    I wanted to e-mail this to you privately, but did not know your e-mail address. Please, everyone who is reading this, do the research on the dangers of giving Methadone to children. I hope you receive this message and it is not too late. Please "allow" God to heal your son. He completely healed me from a massive stroke I had in 2003. I know you love Noah and want to give him the opportunity to live.

    Please forgive me if I have caused you an offence. I am only being obedient to the Holy Spirit telling me to warn you of this poision you have been told to give your son. I will pray for you and Noah.

  3. Our hearts goes out to you all. May God wrap His loving arms around you at this time and the days ahead. May you feel His love,comfort and grace.

    Our daughter Hannah Grace went to be with Jesus 3yrs.ago. She fought this terrible cancer for 3yrs. But, we know one day when we see Jesus, we'll see Hannah again. No more sorrow, no more pain, no more tears.

    Our love and prayers are with you.
    Jeff and Teena Broyles